Blurb: Joanna Rose

Joanna Rose is a beloved presence in the Portland and national literary scenes, due to her prowess as an author and also her former role as a bookseller at Powell's. She'll be reading with Kate Gray, and fellow Forest Ave author Stevan Allred, at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 5, at Annie Bloom's Books in Portland, and the three of them will also be featured on Late Night … [Continue Reading]

Peace Corps Site Features Forest Ave Author Ellen Urbani

Peace Corps Worldwide, an international website, is spotlighting Ellen Urbani's new novel, Landfall, due out from Forest Avenue Press in August 2015. Read "Ellen Urbani (Guatemala 1991-92) to Publish New Novel Next August." … [Continue Reading]

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Blurb: Davis Slater

We're continuing to release blurbs of Kate Gray's debut novel, Carry the Sky, now trickling into bookstores near you in advance of our Sept. 1 publication date. Today's blurb is from Davis Slater, author … [Continue Reading]

Carry the Sky Tops Bustle’s List of Best High School-Set Books

Kate Gray's Carry the Sky, our Sept. 1 release, was recently featured at the top of the list of eleven popular must-read high school books in Bustle magazine. It's amazing exposure for Forest Avenue Press to … [Continue Reading]

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Night, Rain, River Reading in Salem

Lois Rosen, Trevor Dodge, and Joanna Rose are reading from their stories at 7 p.m. on Friday, August 22, at The Book Bin East in Salem, 2235 Lancaster Drive NE, Salem, Village East Shopping Center. The Book … [Continue Reading]

Blurb: Cari Luna

Cari Luna's debut novel, The Revolution of Every Day, published by Tin House in 2013, delves into the 1990s New York squatting movement by peeling back the politics and exploring individual characters, their … [Continue Reading]

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National Coverage

Forest Avenue Press is being featured on Drive the District as a small press that keeps books alive. Read the article by Jon Bell here, which talks about how our press was founded. Here's an excerpt: "As … [Continue Reading]

Blurb: Carter Sickels

This is the fourth blurb in the series of accolades for Kate Gray's Carry the Sky, which releases Sept. 1, 2014. Carter Sickels received Lambda Literary's Emerging Writer Award for his debut novel, The … [Continue Reading]

Blurb: Christopher Buckley

We're continuing with showcasing the amazing authors who have stepped in to blurb Kate Gray's Carry the Sky, forthcoming September 1 from Forest Avenue Press. Popular author and political satirist … [Continue Reading]

Blurb: Ron Carlson

We're overjoyed to announce the lead blurb on the back of Kate Gray's novel, Carry the Sky. Ron Carlson's boarding school teaching background, and his success as a novelist, short story author, and essayist, … [Continue Reading]

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