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Inside Look at Forest Ave Teamwork, and Other Thursday Updates

All of our authors have been so busy! Here are a few current and upcoming highlights. We'll be running these posts weekly on Thursdays. Liz Prato's debut collection, Baby's on Fire, is due out from Press 53 on May 3. She was interviewed by Nancy Christie yesterday about choosing manuscripts for Forest Avenue Press, especially the work she did as editor of The Night, and … [Continue Reading]

A Simplified Map of the Real World

WordFest Conversation Features Stevan Allred

Stevan Allred, author of A Simplified Map of the Real World, appears in conversation as part of WordFest, hosted by Alan Rose. WordFest is based in Longview, Washington, and features sessions with authors, which are then recorded and shared on the regional KLTV network. "It was a delight to read your book, and what it most reminded me of was Spoon River Anthology, a … [Continue Reading]

Small Press

“Work: An Evening of Stories”

“Work: An Evening of Stories” is the theme for the thirteenth annual Writers Night, sponsored by The Estacada Area Arts Commission.  The event returns to the Springwater Grange at 7 p.m., April 18. This year's … [Continue Reading]

Dan Berne Gods of Second Chances


Dan Berne's The Gods of Second Chances, featuring an Alaskan fisherman, has been reviewed in National Fisherman. Here's an excerpt: "The authors offer inspirational stories filled with humor and wisdom for … [Continue Reading]

Our Next Title: The Remnants by Robert Hill

The Remnants, Robert Hill’s second novel, set during the twilight days of the once-utopian community of New Eden, is forthcoming from Forest Avenue Press in spring 2016. “With his signature wit and wordplay, … [Continue Reading]

Carry the Sky by Kate Gray

Carry the Sky Tops a List of “Outsider Fiction”

Carry the Sky by Kate Gray is being featured on a list of "outsider"-themed novels put together by a Multnomah County librarian. "Sometimes it's easiest to truly see a family, a culture, a society from the … [Continue Reading]


Froelich’s Ladder by Jamie Duclos-Yourdon

Forest Avenue Press will publish Froelich’s Ladder, Jamie Duclos-Yourdon’s magical debut novel, as part of its 2016/17 catalog. Uncle Froelich nurses a decades-old family grudge from his perch atop a giant … [Continue Reading]



Forest Avenue Press is open for national novel submissions through March 5, seeking two literary novels for our 2017 catalog. Our titles are infused with a fresh, complex, sometimes nutty, and often-wondrous … [Continue Reading]

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Ellen Urbani in The New York Times

Author Ellen Urbani's essay,  "A Flower Delivery That Brought More Pain Than Pleasure," is being featured in The New York Times's Modern Love column. Read this stunning piece here. Ellen's debut novel, … [Continue Reading]

Dan Berne Gods of Second Chances

Best of 2014: The Gods of Second Chances

Dan Berne's The Gods of Second Chances was named a Powell's Staff Top 5s selection for 2014. Staff members pick their top five books of the year, and the lists are featured throughout the next year on the … [Continue Reading]

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