Writers’ Night at the Springwater Grange


“Small Town Tales” is the theme for the fourteenth annual Writers Night, sponsored by The Estacada Area Arts Commission.   The event returns to the Springwater Grange at 7 pm, April 2nd. This year’s event will feature hosts Joanna Rose and Stevan Allred, novelist Robert Hill, and Helen Sinoradzki. Writers Night is free and open to the public.

“Small towns like Estacada are microcosms of the larger world,” says Allred. “We have all the same issues—the political and economic divides, the racial divides, the culture wars. Out of all that come the stories that bind us together as a people.”

Robert Hill will read from his second novel, The Remnants, set during the twilight days of the once-utopian community of New Eden. The Remnants is forthcoming from Forest Avenue Press in March of 2016. Stevan Allred will read his story “Notes from the Underground City,” which will also be published by Forest Avenue Press in the anthology City of Weird, due out in the fall of 2016. Helen Sinoradzki will read a story from her work-in-progress, a collection of linked short stories about characters from the small town of Blair, Nebraska. Joanna Rose will surprise the audience, as she always does, by reading something she chooses at the last minute.

“I love this reading series,” says co-host Joanna Rose. “Maybe it’s the soulfulness of the Grange building, or maybe it’s something in the air out there, but this audience brings out the best in writers.”

As always, host Stevan Allred will invite the entire audience to his home for a reception after the reading.

The Springwater Grange is located at 24591 S. Springwater Rd.

For more information contact Stevan Allred through www.stevanallred.com,

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