“Work: An Evening of Stories”

“Work: An Evening of Stories” is the theme for the thirteenth annual Writers Night, sponsored by The Estacada Area Arts Commission.  The event returns to the Springwater Grange at 7 p.m., April 18. This year’s event will feature hosts Joanna Rose and Stevan Allred, novelist Mark Pomeroy, and memoirist and short story writer Jean Hart. Writers Night is free and open to the public.

“Work is central to our lives,” Allred said. “We lose ourselves in work, and we find ourselves in work. We love it, we hate it, and most of us can’t survive economically without it.”

Join these four writers as they turn their attention to how work shapes us, fulfills us, and wears us out. They bring a wide variety of work experiences to the subject, including door-to-door sales, chopping cotton, hauling hay, cleaning rat cages, publicity work, restaurant work, construction jobs, soccer coach, day laborer unloading coffins from a semi trailer to a coffin warehouse, teaching, weight room supervisor, selling mainframe computers in emerging foreign markets, and, of course, writing.

“You can expect to be both entertained and edified,” said co-host Joanna Rose. “These are writers who can take you someplace and make you feel like you’re really there.”

As always, host Stevan Allred will invite the entire audience to his home for a reception after the reading.

The Springwater Grange is located at 24591 S. Springwater Road, Estacada, Oregon.

For more information contact Stevan Allred through www.stevanallred.com.

Author bios

Mark Pomeroy’s first novel, The Brightwood Stillness, was published by Oregon University Press in 2014, and has been called  “absorbing and humane” by The Oregonian, and “a riveting story” by The Mountain Times.  The author  has received an Oregon Literary Fellowship for fiction and a residency at Caldera Arts. His short stories, poems, and essays have appeared in What Teaching Means: Stories from America’s Classrooms, Open Spaces, The Wordstock 10, Portland Magazine, The Oregonian, and the Waco Tribune-Herald,. A former classroom teacher, Pomeroy lives with his family in Portland, Oregon, where he was born in 1969.

Jean Hart grew up in a hardscrabble region of the Upper South known as the Missouri Bootheel. During a thirty-year career in high technology Jean worked and traveled to more than fifty countries. Her recently finished memoir is about her restless, immature father, an untrained but gifted musician who longed to sing like Hank Williams. Green Hills Literary Lantern recently published “The Mistake,” a story about a black taxi driver in post-Mandela South Africa. Jean lives and writes in Portland, Oregon.

Joanna Rose is the author of the award-winning novel Little Miss Strange. Other work has appeared in ZYZZYVA, Story Magazine, Artisan Journal, and Northern Lights. Her poetry has appeared in WindfallBellingham Review, Cloudbank, and the on-line journals 2Grlz Review, Marco Polo Arts, and Four and Twenty. She has twice been nominated for the Pushcart prize for Poetry. She is known to readers of the Oregonian as a reviewer on the books page and contributor to Poet’s Corner. She and her teaching partner Stevan Allred host the regular Pinewood Table prose critique group, and she presents creative writing programs in schools around Portland and at the beach. Especially at the beach. Any time she can, at the beach. Her goals in life are to get her new novel published (soon) and live at the beach (someday).

Stevan Allred has survived circumcision, a tonsillectomy, a religious upbringing, the ’60s, the War on Poverty, the break-up of The Beatles, any number of bad haircuts, years of psychotherapy, the Reagan Revolution, the War on Drugs, the Roaring ’90s, plantar fasciitis, the Lewinsky Affair, the internet bubble, the Florida recount of 2000, the Bush oughts, the War on Terror, teen-aged children, a divorce, hay fever, the real estate bubble, male pattern baldness, and heartburn. A Simplified Map of the Real World, his collection of linked short stories, was published in 2013 by Forest Avenue Press.

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