WordFest Conversation Features Stevan Allred

A Simplified Map of the Real WorldStevan Allred, author of A Simplified Map of the Real World, appears in conversation as part of WordFest, hosted by Alan Rose.

WordFest is based in Longview, Washington, and features sessions with authors, which are then recorded and shared on the regional KLTV network.

“It was a delight to read your book, and what it most reminded me of was Spoon River Anthology, a collection of poems by Edgar Lee Masterson, where he takes the fictional town of Spoon River and captures all the different people in time through their epitaphs,” Alan said at the start of Stevan’s interview.

Watch the episode of WordFest here.

You can learn more about WordFest at Alan Rose’s website.

A Simplified Map of the Real World was named a best book of 2013 by Powell’s staff, and was chosen as a 2014 Multnomah County Library PageTurners  pick; Stevan spent this past fall visiting book clubs at ten libraries in the Multnomah County system, talking about A Simplified Map with readers.

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