The Interviewer Gets Interviewed

Sheila Hamilton and I pose for a photo after the interview. Note the hurricane coverage on the monitor in the background.

Sheila Hamilton, a well-known radio and television personality here in Portland, interviewed me this morning about Brave on the Page. It was a real treat to visit the PacWest Center and answer Sheila’s interesting questions.

She asked me about Oregon writers, whether there was a theme to the book (I talked about bravery) and why I chose the Espresso Book Machine.

You can hear the segment on the morning show on Sunday, Nov. 11, on KXL (101.1) and (101.9), which start at 6:30 a.m. Pacific time. When there’s an online link available, I’ll post it in case you miss the segment.

If you want to learn more about the interview, or see some pictures of the PacWest Halloween decorations, check out the post I wrote on my blog.


  1. I am hoping there will be an MP3/podcast version at some point for those of us who have no internet access at the moment.

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