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One of the reasons I started this site was to share publication news rather than letting it (totally) dominate my literary blog, With the upcoming release of Brave on the Page, a nonfiction book of interviews and essays by Oregon writers, we’re already watching the excitement build online. Here are a few links!

Deborah Rose Reeves mentioned Brave on the Page in her post about exciting October literary happenings in Portland. Check out October Is the Coolest Month! I’m so excited we’re part of this amazing list–and I’m going to see if there are more tickets available for Sandra Cisneros’ event. I adore her.

Kristen Forbes, who wrote the title essay, posted Other Big News: BRAVE ON THE PAGE.

Gigi Little–the cover designer, an essayist, and the wife of interview subject Stephen O’Donnell–discussed the project on the front page of her website.

Nicole Marie Schreiber, another essayist, shared her contribution at Viva Scriva, a group blog by children’s authors and illustrators here in Portland. You can read her explanation of the prompts we gave as well as her essay. Check out Starbucks and Sensibility: A Love Story.

Yuvi Zalkow made the first official public reference to this collection when announcing the results of his Fear and Failure Campaign about a month ago. Check out his post for a list of links to incredibly honest, heartfelt pieces about–you guessed it–fear, failure and rejection. You’ll find the book mention in the “honorable mention” category, and you’ll note at that time–August 20–we didn’t even have a title.

You can check out the photo essay on visiting the Espresso Book Machine at Powell’s to print the proof copy of Brave on the Page over at my blog. Or read about how the title of Brave on the Page was a collaborative effort. Or read about why I started a press instead of just releasing a book.


  1. Thanks for the mention Laura. Just an FYI about Sandra Cisneros… it’s not a ticketed event as far as I know, it starts at 7:30pm upstairs at Powells on the 15th. I’m so looking forward to it, just thought I’d mention 😉

    • That makes sense! I was so excited about your Portland post I glossed over where the event was; I just assumed since it was her, it’d be through Arts and Lectures at the Schnitzer.

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