Thankful for Our Supporters

Thank you to all of the 42 Brave on the Page contributors;

to all the readers, especially those who took the time to find their local Espresso Book Machine to take advantage of that point-of-purchase technology;

to everyone who has attended our events;

and to everyone who has told someone about one of our events;

to everyone who has brainstormed about who would like Brave on the Page as a holiday gift;

to the media for all the excellent coverage and especially for allowing me to promote individual authors;

to the Espresso Book Machine staff at Powell’s and all the other stores where Brave on the Page has been printed;

to Matt Love, who founded Nestucca Spit Press nine years ago and has been so encouraging;

and to my family, for supporting me when I said I wanted to start a business.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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