From the Publisher’s Desk: Characters with Wings

This winter, I told a friend that The Hour of Daydreams (March 2017) is a reimagined Filipino folktale about a woman with wings. She immediately offered this remark: “My mother told me when I got married that my husband would take my wings, and I’ve been trying to regrow them ever since.” That was a breathtaking moment for me, contemplating how this […]

Tenth Title Revealed: Renee Macalino Rutledge’s Unforgettable Debut Novel

Forest Avenue Press will publish The Hour of Daydreams, Renee Macalino Rutledge’s debut novel inspired by two characters in a Filipino folktale, as the lead title for the spring 2017 season. The Hour of Daydreams will be Forest Avenue’s tenth release, and the first one acquired since opening for national submissions in January 2015. Manolo Lualhati, a respected […]