Late Night Debut

Authors Joanna Rose, Little Miss Strange, and Stevan Allred, A Simplified Map of the Real World, discuss Kate Gray’s debut novel, Carry the Sky, on Late Night Debut, a podcast series curated by Late Night Library and hosted by Amber Keller. Listen to the episode here. Stevan and Joanna are co-teachers at the Pinewood Table, […]

Buzz about Dan Berne’s Debut Novel

People are already talking about Dan Berne’s The Gods of Second Chances, which officially came out on Saturday. While we count down to our 7:30 p.m. launch reading on Sunday, March 9, at Powell’s City of Books, here are a few links to the latest coverage. Leigh Anne Kranz interviewed Dan Berne on KBOO’s “Between the Covers.” You […]

Laura Stanfill on Late Night Library

Today Stefanie Freele interviews Laura Stanfill, publisher of Forest Avenue Press, on Late Night Library. They discuss the origins of Forest Avenue Press, upcoming titles, and Stevan Allred’s A Simplified Map of the Real World. Read The Makings of a Regional Press: In Conversation with Laura Stanfill. Laura explains her definition of “quiet books,” the origins […]

Late Night Library

Author Stevan Allred is spotlighted in this week’s Rookie Report, a new feature by the wonderful people at Late Night Library. It’s a short and sassy five-question interview, which includes the author talking about what ingredients go into his writing style. Read the whole interview at Late Night Library. Stevan’s debut linked short story collection, […]