Stevan Allred, Matt Love, and Nancy Slavin

We’re thrilled to share this press release from the Astoria Public Library:

The Astoria Public Library and the Astor Library Friends Association present Library After Hours, a free series of author visits, community conversations, and musical performances that take place at the library, 450 10th Street, Astoria, after regular hours of operation.

On Friday, January 24, at 6 p.m., three authors representing independent Oregon presses–Matt Love, Nancy Slavin, and Stevan Allred–will read from their works and answer audience questions.

Matt Love is the author/editor of ten books about Oregon, including the best selling Far Out Story of Vortex I, Citadel of the Spirit: Oregon’s Sesquicentennial Anthology, Gimme Refuge: The Education of a Caretaker and The Newport Trilogy.  In 2009, Love won the Oregon Literary Arts’ Stewart H. Holbrook Literary Legacy Award for his contributions to Oregon history and literature.  He lives in Astoria.

Love’s latest publication, Of Walking in Rain, is a 190-page work of creative nonfiction that assays the ubiquitous subject of rain in Oregon in as many ways as rain falls in Oregon.  It was written during the four wettest months of the second rainiest year in Newport history. The book blends an eclectic variety of literary genres, including memoir, essay, vignette, diary, reportage, guide, criticism, satire, stream of consciousness, homework, meditation, review, commentary, oral history, weather report, discography, liner notes, polemic, curriculum and confession. Of Walking in Rain also features the exquisite etchings of rain by renowned artist Frank Boyden.

Nancy Slavin is the editor and co-publisher for Feather Mountain Press & Literary Services and is a longtime English literature, composition, and creative writing instructor for Tillamook Bay Community College.  Nancy has worked as a natural history guide in Alaska, an educator for a nonprofit organization seeking to stop violence against women, and as a literary tutor.  She lives in Bay City with her husband and daughter.

Slavin’s novel, Moorings, follows twenty-three-year-old Anne Holloway as she journeys from the lower forty-eight to Alaska to find her biological father. While unraveling the violent truth about her family’s history, Anne’s presence precipitates break-ups, boat crashes, and unexpected storms.  Ultimately, she discovers that true identity can be found within.

Stevan Allred lives and writes in a house in the woods halfway between Fisher’s Mill and Viola in rural Clackamas County.  He is the editor of Dixon Ticonderoga, a zine that explores the intimate relationship between divorce and pencils.  He teaches writing at The Pinewood Table and has been widely published in literary magazines.

In Allred’s debut, A Simplified Map of the Real World, fifteen linked stories chart a true course through the lives of families, farmers, loggers, former classmates, and the occasional stripper.  In the richly imagined town of Renata, Oregon, a man watches his neighbor’s big-screen TV through binoculars.  An errant son paints himself silver.  Mysterious electrical noises emanate from an enormous barn.  A secret abortion from three decades ago gets a public airing.  Intimate boundaries are loosened by divorce and death in a rural community where even an old pickle crock has an unsettling history—and high above the strife and the hope and the often hilarious, geese seek the perfect tailwind.

The Astoria Public Library is a department of the City of Astoria, providing tax-supported services to all residents living within the city boundaries.  Guided by the mission statement “Explore ideas, engage minds, excite imagination”, the Astoria Public Library is an active and responsive part of the community.  For more information about library programs and services, contact library staff at 503-325-7323 or comments@astorialibrary, or visit the Astoria Public Library at

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