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Forest Avenue Press recently announced its upcoming call for submissions for an Oregon short story anthology edited by Liz Prato and slated for a May 2014 release. The submission period will open June 1 and close on July 31. Here are some details about the kind and length of work we’re seeking:

What are you looking for? Broadly, we’re looking for previously unpublished literary short stories. That is, short fiction–not essays, poetry, screenplays, or novel excerpts. More specifically, we’re looking for stories that take emotional chances. That have a strong voice. That make us laugh or make us cry, or both. Generally, we’re not interested in strict genre work (sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, erotica, etc.), but if you have a literary piece that includes genre elements, we will happily consider it.

What do you mean by literary? We mean mostly character and language driven. But we do demand a plot–things must happen, there must be stakes. We do not mean boring or stuffy or meandering or inaccessible.

Is there a specific theme to the anthology? Not yet. We find that themes tend to emerge organically among submissions. We just want to see your best stories.

Do I need to have publication credits to be considered? Absolutely not. We only consider the merits of the story itself. That being said, our standards are high.

How long do you want a manuscript to be? Well, only exactly as long as it needs to be to tell the story. If you can tell a complete, meaningful story in 100 words, then great! If you really, really, need 6,000 words, we’ll take a look at it.

Do I have to live in Oregon to submit? Yes, you must live in Oregon or Southwest Washington. Forest Avenue Press is dedicated to showcasing the talents of this area. If you have roots here but live elsewhere, you may submit as long as you explain your local connection in the cover letter.

Must my story be set in Oregon? No. Oregon-centric stories are great, but we also like local writers with a sense of the larger world.

Is it okay if I know the editor? Yes. The local writing community is so small that it would be unrealistic to disqualify anyone who knows or has a relationship with the editor. The manuscripts are being read blind, to try and remove as much bias as possible.

What if you haven’t answered my question here? Direct further questions to the editor at: lizprato -(AT)- gmail -(DOT)- com


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