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A review at the Reading and Writing Cafe calls Stevan Allred’s debut “an artfully crafted tale of human nature.”

“Readers are treated to revenge-seekers, thrill-seekers, and attention-seekers,” writes reviewer Edee Lemonier. “There are secrets: the small town, gossip-worthy kind and the kind that can eat a person alive from the inside, along with the judgement that inevitably and permanently attaches itself to hidden truth.”

Read the whole review here.

Edee also spotlights the fact that A Simplified Map of the Real World is a series of linked stories, each one told from the point of view of a different character:

“The stories are not in chronological order, nor do they start with the biggest event and work their way out. It’s a brilliant approach because this book isn’t about one central character; they are all strong and important.No one piece is more important than the other, and the ordering allows each story and character to be equally weighted. I love that the book starts with a couple of warring neighbors and flows out into Renata from there. I think of it like throwing a stone into a pond and watching the ripples hit the shore and cross over themselves on the way back.”

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