Powell’s Staff Top Five Pick for 2012

Brave on the Page, Forest Avenue Press' first release, was named a Powell's Staff Top Five book for 2012!

Brave on the Page, Forest Avenue Press’ first release, was named a Powell’s Staff Top Five book for 2012!

What does Brave on the Page have to do with Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, Alexis M. Smith’s Glaciers and John Scalzi’s Redshirts?

Those books, among others, were chosen as Powell’s staff members #1 books of 2012.

The Powell’s Top Fives lists for 2012 were released this Tuesday. Staff members get the opportunity to list their top five favorite books of the year each December and write a review paragraph about their #1 choices.

Brave on the Page, along with WildGlaciersRedshirts and other worthy titles, were listed as individual staffers’ #1 choices. I am so grateful to Gigi Little, Powell’s lead visual merchandiser, for this prestigious award, which puts Brave on the Page in a spotlight that’ll shine bright and lovely all year on the Powell’s website under the prominent “Staff Picks” category. This is what Gigi had to say about our book:

“I’m really, really not just picking this because I have an essay in the collection. Really. This sweet, little book is wonderfully indie (printed solely and beautifully using an Espresso Book Machine, one of which lives at Powell’s City of Books) and stuffed full of Oregon authors. A collection of essays and interviews with such local lit figures as Scott Sparling, Lauren Kessler, and Yuvi Zalkow, Brave on the Page is not only about craft and the creative life but also a lovely snapshot of the heart and soul of the incredible literary community that hovers in and around Portland.”

Check out the Top Fives page to see all the staff picks and add them to your reading list.

If you’re a Pinterest fan, check out the Powell’s page, where they share the book jackets of the 2012 winners.

I can’t thank Powell’s enough for all their support of Forest Avenue Press, including hosting us on Monday night in the Pearl Room, where we had an overflow crowd of 150 despite the rain, the Monday night factor and the national football championship game.

Powell's 2012 Staff Top Fives


  1. I’m running out of words to compliment you on this whole endeavor. I can tell that I utterly beam each time I have a chance to bring up your book and hard work to anyone who will listen.

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