Open for Submissions in 2013

Forest Avenue Press logo black on whiteForest Avenue Press is seeking quiet novels by Oregon writers. We will be accepting unagented novel submissions from Jan. 1 to March 1, 2013.

Forest Avenue Press aims to fill the gap between the traditional industry’s current focus on high-concept novels and the often edgy, groundbreaking work being sought by most small presses.

Founder Laura Stanfill aims to publish strong, classic books. Quiet novels, by our definition, explore how the world changes an individual instead of the individual changing the world. They are relationship-driven. They take care of their readers. They are rich with language and insights about the human condition. They are funny. They are wise. They are–yes, we’ll say it–entertaining.

See Shh… Quiet Novels Here for more of Laura’s thoughts on what makes a novel quiet. Check out Matt Love’s interview with Laura on the Powell’s On Oregon Blog for more information about the press. Read Brave on the Page: Oregon Writers on Craft and the Creative Life to get a better sense of what inspires us. (Plus it’s full of insights and tips by forty-two wonderful authors, including Scott Sparling, Yuvi Zalkow, Lauren Kessler and Bart King.)

Forest Avenue Press is a micro press based in Portland, Oregon. We expect to publish two manuscripts in 2013. We do not charge any fees. We do weigh author feedback in the editing and design process, and we do expect our authors to help promote the book on social media and by participating in public readings.

To submit, send a cover letter and the first five pages of your manuscript, all in the body of an email, to submissions at laurastanfill dot com between Jan. 1 and March 1. Submissions sent before or after these dates will not be considered. Attachments will not be opened. Your cover letter must confirm you live in Oregon; we are not open to national submissions at this time. Simultaneous submissions accepted. If you do not get a response within three months, feel free to contact us for an update.

Join the Main Street Writers Movement

Forest Avenue Press is the home of the Main Street Writers Movement, which launched Feb. 9. (Parades welcome.)
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  1. Kelly Wallace says:

    Fiction only accepted at this time?

    • Yes, just fiction for now. Thanks for asking, Kelly! I do plan to publish another anthology about the craft of writing, likely in 2014, and I’ll be looking for flash essays for that. I might be open to full-length nonfiction manuscripts in the future.

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