More honors for Landfall

After posting our “Best of 2015” piece about Landfall by Ellen Urbani at the end of the year, more good news arrived!

Landfall was chosen for the Powell’s staff Top 5s annual wrap-up, where booksellers share their favorite titles of the year. See all the selections here; bookseller Dianah Hughley, who has been a vocal advocate for Landfall, picked it as one of her top 2015 reads.

Oregon Arts Watch published “The Big 100 of 2015”–culturally relevant projects and events including the launch of Landfall in August:

11: Hurricane-force fiction: Ellen Urbani’s Landfall. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had to tear my eyes off a page simply to catch my breath, but Ellen Urbani’s Landfall is that kind of a saga, a potent mixture of dread and elation, confusion and comprehension,” Angie Jabine writes in her essay about this post-Katrina novel, a “Celtic knot of a narrative” written by a Virginian-turned-Oregonian and published by Portland’s Forest Avenue Press.

Christi Craig of Writing Under Pressure chose Ellen Urbani’s appearance as one of her top-four interviews of 2015. Read the spotlight piece here. Ellen appears on this list alongside Liz Prato, editor of our May 2014 anthology, The Night, and the Rain, and the River. Thanks, Christi!

We’re having a spectacular start to 2016, with this great news and open submissions netting interesting manuscripts. Our next big event will be the launch of The Remnants by Robert Hill, coming on March 15.

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