Launch Party Photos

We had an unofficial, drop-in lunchtime launch for Brave on the Page on Tuesday, October 9. Here are some pictures!

Attendees assemble at the Espresso Book Machine kiosk at Powell’s Books. Laura Stanfill, the editor and founder of Forest Avenue Press, is wearing the wild paisley pants.

The Powell’s Espresso machine prints Brave on the Page during the mini-launch event. Our actual launch will be a November 3 reading here in Portland.

Polly Dugan of the Espresso Book Machine chats with Holly, the wife of essay writer Steve Denniston.

Polly Duggan, one of the Espresso staff members at Powell’s Books, helps people get their made-to-order books. We sure kept her busy for a full three hours–and the event was only supposed to be an hour and a half. (Thanks, Polly!)

The Espresso Book Machine at Powell’s is upstairs in the purple room.

The event was such a success that someone even purchased the display copy of Brave on the Page!

Stevan Allred, who co-teaches at the Pinewood Table with Joanna Rose, poses with authors Mary Milstead, Julia Stoops, Kristi Wallace Knight and Scott Sparling.

Laura Stanfill sits on the stairs that lead to the Espresso Book Machine.

Christi Krug, Brian Biggs and Harold Johnson, all Brave on the Page essay contributors, visit during the drop-in party.

Michael Gettel-Gilmartin, a middle grade author, holds Brave on the Page in front of the Espresso Book Machine as it prints more copies of the new book.

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