Kate Gray at Village Books

Carry the Sky by Kate GrayKate Gray, author of Carry the Sky, will speak at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 14, at Village Books in Bellingham.

Learn more at the Village Books website.

Carry the Sky, which debuted last fall, has been well reviewed, including being named a best book of 2014 by Bustle magazine and topping a list of Outsider Fiction from the Multnomah County Library. Here are a few select reviews:

“Gray brings together a plethora of issues and mixes them in a way that’s believable and natural. Identity crises, taboo relationships, teenage angst, and both sides of the bullying equation blend together seamlessly with loneliness, white privilege, otherness, and even a surprising amount of science, which is what Song uses as a lens to look at and try to understand the world. All these elements come together because there’s pain and loss that serves as glue.”
– Gabino Iglesias, That Lit Site
“Gray is a poet all right—a fierce one, a smart one, a writer who knows her rowing, her rivers, the claustrophobia of boarding school bullying, the ache of loss, Physics, and origami. She tells her story through the alternating voices of a Delaware boarding school’s new rowing coach and the Physics teacher—both of whom are operating within a haunted psychic space. She tells her story with urgency and with details—physical and emotional—that are wholly unexpected. No cliches here, not in this urgent novel.”
– Beth Kephart, author of Small Damages


“It all rings true and the writing just flat out soars. I related to the way one character works things through with physical activity (rowing–sidebar, I learned that the author is a serious cyclist, taking it up since rowing) while another uses the black and white absolutes of science to attempt to stay grounded. The best writers find it a bit of a magic act balancing humor and heartbreak without showing how the trick is done. That being the case, this book is seamless sorcery. It rings true, raw and it will crush you. The best debut novels always do.”
– Joe Kurmaskie, book reviewer and author of Metal Cowboy

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