Indies First

This Saturday, Nov. 30, indie bookstores around the country will be celebrating Indies First, a movement launched by Sherman Alexie. Read his open letter to authors here.

Alexie is encouraging authors around the country to spend some time at their local bookstores on Saturday to hand-sell their favorite books to readers. It’s a great chance to support the local economy, learn about your favorite authors’ favorite authors, and celebrate the independent spirit within the literary community.

Here‘s a map of participating stores that details which authors are appearing where. Here’s a great piece about Indies First that ran in the LA Times and mentioned Broadway Books’ lineup. Here’s the Broadway Books web page about Indies First with a full list of visiting authors, and here’s St. Johns Booksellers’ piece, “Authors Work in the Bookstore!” I didn’t find specific announcements about Powell’s, Powell’s Hawthorne, or Annie Bloom’s invited authors, but they are all participating and you can learn more at IndieBound.

Stevan Allred, author of A Simplified Map of the Real World, will be at Powell’s City of Books from ten to noon and St. Johns Booksellers with Willy Vlautin and Dena Rash Guzman from 1 to 5.

Please consider visiting some–or all!–of your local bookstores this Saturday. Independent booksellers are so vital to our communities. And signed books make great gifts!

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