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Landfall sightings are popping up all across the country, slowly but steadily, as we approach the official Aug. 11 publication date for Ellen Urbani’s thrilling debut novel.

Here’s Landfall on the bestseller table at Compass Books in the San Francisco Airport (photo courtesy of Leslie Jobson of Legato Publishers Group):

Landfall at Compass SFO

And here it is on the Powell’s City of Books upcoming events shelf (photo courtesy of graphic designer Gigi Little):

Landfall author events Powells

Do let us know if you see it in the wild at your local bookstore! We’d love to see photos. Tag them #landfallbook so we can find them–or better yet, follow Ellen Urbani and Forest Avenue Press on social media. We’ll follow you back with joy!

Landfall has been a top-100 Amazon bestseller in three categories, in recent weeks. It will also be available at Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million across the country. This kind of national exposure, for a debut novel being released by an independent press, is due in large part to the hard work of the team at Legato Publishers Group, our distributor, especially Jeff Tegge, Leslie Jobson, Sarah Armstrong, Mark Suchomel, and all the field reps who have talked this book up and helped grow an immense amount of buzz, beyond our wildest imaginings.

Much of the excitement being generated, especially what’s poised to appear in the next few weeks, is due to the persistence, connections, and hard work of publicist Mary Bisbee-Beek, who has been working with us on this launch, every step of the way, pretty much from the moment Ellen signed with Forest Avenue. Immense helpings and heapings of thank-yous are due to Mary.

Ellen’s tour kicks off on Aug. 17 at Park Road Books in Charlotte, NC, and includes appearances with Sheri Fink, Pulitzer-winning author of Five Days at Memorial, at Book Court in Brooklyn; Cheryl Strayed, bestselling author of Wild, at Powell’s City of Books (the flagship store) in Portland, OR; and Stephanie Kallos, whose most recent novel, Language Arts, launched in June, at Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle, Wash. For the full tour information, check our sidebar calendar, or wander over to Ellen Urbani’s website, where she has a list of upcoming virtual appearances as well as the physical ones. She’d love to see you in the audience, and we’d love to see you online.

This book has been called a Cinderella story–independent press and an extraordinary debut novel, making magic happen, but the magic has been hard work on the part of Ellen Urbani, everyone at the press, and everyone who has fallen in love with the book the way our reading committee did.  All of your voices, and your support, no matter how seemingly small, feels really big to us right now. We’re so grateful.

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