The Night, and the Rain, and the River

After much deliberation, editor Liz Prato winnowed a gigantic pile of short story submissions down to twenty-two. The authors are all from Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Liz Prato web size“Twenty-two authors write twenty-two very different stories that take place in small towns in Oregon, in big cities in California, and several other points around the country,” Liz said. “While the stories’ voices are all distinct, the characters share a certain commonality: the desire to belong. To belong to a community, a family, the heart of another, themselves. Ultimately, that collective human longing is what brought these stories together as a collection for me.”

The collection is titled The Night, and the Rain, and the River, from a line in Joanna Rose’s story, “A Good Crack and Break.”

Here is the full list of authors and their story titles:

Jan Baross, Portland, “The Promised Land”

Gail Bartley, Bend, “More of What You Already Are”

Victoria Blake, Portland, “Middling”

Alisha Churbe, Portland, “All Is Not Lost”

Sage Cohen, Portland, “No Choice at All”

Steve Denniston, Portland, “It’s No Good Telling Me That”

Trevor Dodge, Oregon City, “Real World Reject”

Gregg Kleiner, Corvallis, “The Blue Jackpot”

Christi Krug, Vancouver, Washington, “The World, the Flesh, and the Devil”

Kathleen Lane, Portland, “Walking Through the Forest With My Mother”

Dylan Lee, Portland, “Hunk”

Ellen Levine, Grants Pass, “The Dog War”

Margaret Malone, Portland, “Saving the Animals”

Matthew Robinson, Portland, “Tidal”

Joanna Rose, Portland, “A Good Crack and Break”

Lois Rosen, Salem, “Splinters”

Jackie Shannon Hollis, Aloha, “The Pink on Her Toenails”

Domi Shoemaker, Portland, “Left Right Wrong”

Scott Sparling, Lake Oswego, “Surely”

Tammy Lynne Stoner, Portland, “The Last Time”

Jennifer Williams, Chandler, AZ, “Gore Junkies”

Cindy Williams Gutierrez, Oregon City, “Tessa’s Drought”

Congratulations to all twenty-two of you! You are now Forest Avenue Press authors; we’re a very inclusive community and will do our best to spotlight good things in your creative lives as we move forward with this project and beyond. We also hope that being part of this anthology will grow your personal literary community. And to those of you who submitted, but weren’t accepted, we were all so thrilled with the enthusiastic response to our call for stories. Liz had some incredibly difficult decisions to make thanks to your willingness to give us your work out for consideration.

The Night, and the Rain, and the River is forthcoming from Forest Avenue Press in May, which is also National Short Story Month. Clare Carpenter of Tiger Food Press will be our artist for this project.



  1. I love the title of the book and of all the stories. Can’t wait to read this collection!

  2. I love the title, too! And I’m so thrilled and honored to be in such fine company — and in such a fine publication. Thanks so much!

  3. Great title! I can’t wait to read all these stories!!

  4. Annie Denning Hille says:

    I’m so enjoying the stories so far… the winnowing process must have been a challenge! I can’t wait to work on the ordering and to see the collection come together as a whole.

  5. This is fantastic. I’m looking forward to reading all the stories. Jan

  6. I do wonder if the Hemingway echoes in the title are deliberate (or is it just me?).
    The Gambler, the Nun, and the Radio
    Night Before Battle
    Across the River and into the Trees
    Big Two-hearted River
    And of course the ending of A Farewell to Arms.

    (It’s probably just me. Great title either way. Plus, you know, the serial comma. 🙂 )


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