We’re Starting With Writers

Forest Avenue Press, an independent publishing company based in Portland, Oregon, will release its first title on Monday, October 8.

Brave on the Page: Oregon Writers on Craft and the Creative Life features interviews and essays by forty-two local authors. The book offers the kind of exploration of the writer’s life that I love to read. In fact, I have several bookshelves full of craft books, and my favorites focus on what writers do, how they fight their self-doubt, why they started writing in the first place and how other writers can learn from their personal experience.

So now I’m publishing my own version. A local version. Full of humor, and fear, and love, and advice from real writers. By real writers, I mean anyone who takes the craft seriously. Anyone who puts time in at their desks, or with their laptops at coffee shops, or wherever we like to write.

I’m Laura, the editor of Brave on the Page, the founder of Forest Avenue Press and the host of the Seven Questions Series over on my regular blog, which inspired this author collection. I’ll be using this space to post about Forest Avenue Press projects, upcoming readings and buzz from other sites about our books. Soon I’ll explain where I’m printing Brave on the Page, what “quiet books” I’m talking about in the masthead of this blog and where the press name came from.

So stay tuned. This adventure in independent publishing begins now.

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