Forty-Two Contributors

I’ve been talking, for several weeks now, about how many wonderful Oregon authors are involved in Brave on the Page. Some are bestsellers, some are small press published, and still others are unpublished. Anyone who spends time seriously with the blank page, trying to work on the craft, is a writer in my opinion.

All the authors live in Oregon or have roots here, although the subject matter–the writer’s life and how different people approach the craft–is universal.

So here they are, all forty-two contributors, in alphabetical order.


Kristy Athens, Jon Bell, Kim Cooper Findling, Sarah Cypher, Duncan Ellis, Michael Gettel-Gilmartin, Shasta Kearns Moore, Lauren Kessler, Matt Love, Stephen O’Donnell, Liz Prato, Scott Sparling, Julia Stoops, Crystal Wood and Yuvi Zalkow.

Flash Essays

Stevan Allred, Brian M. Biggs, Emma Burcart, Steve Denniston, S.B. Elliott, Kristen Forbes, Kate Gray, Dian Greenwood, Robert Hill, Sherri H. Hoffman, Harold L. Johnson, Bart King, Amber Krieger, Christi Krug, Gigi Little, Mary Milstead, Gina Ochsner, Martha Ragland, Joanna Rose, Nicole Marie Schreiber, Liz Scott, Jackie Shannon Hollis, Laura Stanfill, Tammy Lynne Stoner, Nancy Townsley, Gregg Townsley and Kristi Wallace Knight.

If you live in Oregon, you might see some of these people in your local newspaper. I’ve had a lot of fun writing news releases and submitting them, individualizing each one and offering quotes or comments about their specific contribution.

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  1. […] Brave on the Page, $14, 200 pages, features interviews and essays by forty-two Oregon authors. The Espresso Book Machine is our printer as well as our primary distributor. This is the first volume in the Seven Questions Series of nonfiction writing books, and we plan to release the second volume next fall. You can see a full list of contributors here. […]

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