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Emily January, book blogger over at The Bookshelf of Emily J, posted the first review of A Simplified Map of the Real World.

“We are all born to bump,” Emily writes in responding to the title story of Stevan Allred’s collection. “Some of us bump high and others low.  Some of us learn from other’s bumps and some of us have to bump for ourselves.  Sometimes we create our own bumps, and other times they just appear.  This metaphor can be applied universally, and I love it.”

Check out “Born to Bump: Allred’s New Story Collection.”

And after you learn more about Emily and why we thought she’d appreciate this book, go read her stunning essay about being Mormon and learning that her dad is gay. It’s called “I Love You No Matter What,” and it was published by Sunstone Magazine.

A Simplified Map of the Real World is now available online or in stores from Portland-area bookstores, including Powell’s, Broadway Books, and Annie Bloom’s. It’ll be available nationally, online and in stores, on Sept. 12. If your local store doesn’t have any in stock yet, please ask, and they’ll order it.


  1. Hey, you got ink!

    (As we used to say, back when actual ink was involved.)

    It was a good review, too. I liked the use of quotes — a lot of reviews don’t do that (or not about parts they like), but if you were reviewing a movie you’d show clips and if you were talking about a band you’d play a song.

    • Anthony, yes indeed! So exciting to see the first official review, and I appreciate the time Emily took to distill the themes and pick out those quotes. There are so many gems in these stories and she found some great ones. We have more firsts coming up this week, too–two radio appearances, our first feature newspaper story, and our first interview went up late last night. It’s happening!

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