Cover Reveal!

Without further ado, we present the official cover for Stevan Allred’s A Simplified Map of the Real World, forthcoming from Forest Avenue Press in September 2013.

With the book blurbing process just getting wrapped up around here, Stevan decided to have some wordsmithing fun by blurbing the cover, which was created with great attention to detail by our graphic designer Gigi Little. Here’s what Stevan had to say:

“Gigi Little’s cover for A Simplified Map of the Real World is a tour de force, conceptually stunning and subtly executed.  Stand back from it and you get the big picture for this collection of linked short stories—they are about the stubborn geography of the human heart, and the connections between place and character.  Step in close and you are rewarded with an abundance of significant details.  Little has placed references to the author’s influences all over the map—family names, nods to some of his favorite writers, including William Faulkner and Brian Doyle, and several homages to Ricochet River, a novel by Robin Cody set in the same small town that inspired this collection.  The color scheme evokes maps with its shades of green, and drama with the stark black background top and bottom.  The map feels as if it has been torn from life itself with its ragged edges and folds.”

For a behind-the-scenes perspective, check out Gigi Little’s post on her blog, Ut Omnia Bene. Special thanks to Gigi and Stevan for their hard work on this stellar map-making endeavor. And if you like this cover, wait until you see the hand-drawn interior one that details all the story settings!

A Simplified Map of the Real World


  1. Love it! Congrats to you and Stevan on your upcoming release!

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