Carry the Sky Tops a List of “Outsider Fiction”

Carry the Sky by Kate Gray is being featured on a list of “outsider”-themed novels put together by a Multnomah County librarian.

“Sometimes it’s easiest to truly see a family, a culture, a society from the outside looking in,” writes the librarian, Alison K. “Here’s a list of books about people who are ostracized because of difference, and what these works say about both them and us.”

See the list here.

Kate Gray will be speaking at the Virginia Festival of the Book at 4 p.m. on March 18 on a panel titled “The Stories We Were Meant to Tell.” Learn more about the festival here.

She’s also the lead author tonight at “Legion Readers: Love and Hate” in Portland. For more information, check the Facebook event page.

Literary Voices, the Late Night Library college course program, launched last month, and Kate’s podcast with Stevan Allred and Joanna Rose was chosen. We’re excited to think about students across the country listening to these three authors talk about Carry the Sky, and Kate’s writing process. If you missed that podcast, it’s available online at the Late Night Library site.

Kate has appeared at numerous salons since her boarding school bullying novel launched in September. If you would like to host a salon, or if your book club is interested in having her appear in person or by Skype, contact us! Review copies and desk copies are also available.

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