Forest Avenue Press believes in supporting other authors and publishers by promoting their work and sharing industry knowledge.

Instead of just offering our titles in the Forest Avenue bookstore, we’re including a rotating list of other publishers’ titles that we think you’ll love. Forest Avenue gets a cut from each sale, just like a bookstore, while the other presses and their authors earn their usual percentages.

Ingram fulfills and ships all orders on our behalf, so we don’t have to run to the post office every time someone clicks. In other words, if you buy another press’s book from us, you’re supporting Forest Avenue (as the retailer) and that other press (as a regular Ingram sale). You can order any book available through Ingram by typing the author, title, or ISBN into the search engine, as long as it’s available through Ingram.

So click and shop online guilt-free! It’s our Main Street Writers Movement in action. And if you want a complete list of Forest Ave books, check out our catalog page. It serves as an Ingram-powered bookstore too.

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