Book of the Year!

Brave on the PageWow. Wow wow wow.

The Powell’s On Oregon Blog named Brave on the Page its Book of the Year for 2012!

Matt Love explains his choice for the fourth annual award and then presents an interview with me in his Book of the Year post. And psst, if you go read it, you’ll get an exclusive first look at what I’m planning for Forest Avenue Press early next year. (It’s very exciting news!)

“It’s easily the most quintessential Oregon book I’ve encountered in a very long time,” Matt wrote. “Anyone with aspirations to become a writer or publisher should read it.”

Matt is my local publishing hero and a true inspiration for Forest Avenue Press. He founded Nestucca Spit Press to publish books on Oregon cultural history and has built his brand by working tirelessly to promote his books. He records important and wonderful stories about the state, including books on the Vortex I music festival, the Blazers and, most recently, the filming of Sometimes a Great Notion on the Oregon Coast. He’s a true cultural force in Oregon and was recognized with the Stewart H. Holbrook Literary Legacy Award in 2009 from Oregon Literary Arts.

I interviewed Matt as part of Brave on the Page, and in that interview, he announced that he has done more than 500 gigs since 2002 to support his books around the state, putting 320,000 miles on his truck while traveling around the state. Learn more about Nestucca Spit Press here.

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  1. Holy moley! Congratulations!

    And accepting submissions? If I even remotely qualified, I’d submit right away. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Anthony! It’s so great to be able to pass around such good news. And yes–there will be a formal submission announcement coming up in the next few weeks. I can’t wait to start that process.

  3. Laura,
    Congratulations! So many great things going on with you and Forest Avenue Press. Sure wish I lived closer to Portland. Off to read the interview!

    • Thanks, Christi! I wish you lived closer to Portland, too. Any time you want to come out, though, I’d be happy to host you and tour you around. It’s a great city and I could take you along to my writing group!

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