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Author Rob Yardumian graciously agreed to blurb Dan Berne’s The Gods of Second Chances. Here’s what he said:

“With The Gods of Second Chances, Dan Berne has created a world that is immediate and true, tender and tough as nails, with a protagonist, Ray Bancroft, to match. Ray’s struggle to stay afloat, to keep his family safe, is a harrowing one, full of ominous portents, dangerous adversaries, and hard-earned triumphs. Through it all, Berne navigates the treacherous waters of the human heart with a deft but unsparing touch. The Gods of Second Chances is a terrific debut from a talented writer.”

– Rob Yardumian, author of The Sound of Songs Across the Water

Rob reads from The Sound of Songs Across the Water at Annie Bloom's Books this fall.

Rob reads from The Sound of Songs Across the Water at Annie Bloom’s Books this fall.

The Sound of Songs Across the Water, Rob’s debut, was released in 2013 by MP Publishing. It transports readers to a heat-soaked California back yard in the 1990s where two former bandmates have resolved to put aside old differences to make a record. Rob’s writing brims with beauty and humor, but it also has an insistent, page-turning pace.

The Sound of Songs Across the Water is an incisive portrait of the egos behind music-making, the power struggles and hopes and fears that get channeled into the creative process when it involves multiple strong-willed artists. But it’s also a story of rewriting your own life, taking chances, and being brave enough to try to make a dream come true. Rob released a companion CD with the book, Sing With Me, Brother, For We Have Sinned.

We asked Rob to blurb Dan’s novel, because their books are literary and relationship-driven but also gripping, page-turning stories. We’ve also organized a reading with both of them, slated for 7 p.m., Thursday, April 24, at Broadway Books, 1714 NE Broadway St, Portland.

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