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Matt Love is a powerhouse independent press publisher based on the Oregon Coast. Nestucca Spit Press, founded in 2003, is known for its Oregon-centric selections, many of them written by Matt himself. He won the Stewart L. Holbrook Literary Legacy Award in 2009 for contributions to Oregon’s historical and literary legacy.

Matt Love's latest nonfiction book is available now in a special limited edition through Nestucca Spit Press.

Matt Love’s latest nonfiction book is available through Nestucca Spit Press.

His latest, Of Walking in Rain, is a refreshing mix of genres, and his energy for getting the word out about his books is unparalleled. He’s a huge inspiration to Forest Avenue Press, and his method of gigging just about everywhere has inspired our philosophy to focus on finding a local audience by having our authors read in different venues.

When it came to finding blurbs for our very first fiction title, we wanted to connect with writers whose audiences would appreciate Stevan Allred’s collection of linked stories. Matt Love quickly came to mind, because his readers are based primarily in the Northwest, and his work reaches a variety of people from different backgrounds and cultural traditions.

Matt also works to preserve and illuminate Oregon history and culture; Stevan does a similar thing with A Simplified Map of the Real World, but through fiction. It’s fiction rooted in place, and several of his linked stories are historical. In fact, Stevan relied on Matt’s incredible first book, The Far Out Story of Vortex I, when researching his story “Vortex.”

Here’s what Matt said about A Simplified Map of the Real World:

“Stevan Allred’s A Simplified Map of the Real World is on my short list of truly hard core Oregon literature. Whether you laugh or feel sad or want to shout “amen” at Allred’s political swipes, you will be engaged by this wildly enjoyable collection.”

– Matt Love, Of Walking in Rain

Read more about Matt and how his trailblazing publishing path has affected Forest Avenue’s mission in this post, or check out Brave on the Page: Oregon Writers on Craft and the Creative Life, where we interviewed him about his press, his nonfiction work, and his seemingly boundless energy.

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