Blurb: Davis Slater

We’re continuing to release blurbs of Kate Gray’s debut novel, Carry the Sky, now trickling into bookstores near you in advance of our Sept. 1 publication date.

Today’s blurb is from Davis Slater, author of the dark southern masterpiece, Selling Sin at the Hoot-Possum Auction, and a regular part of the crowd at many Portland author events. We’re so grateful for the time he’s spent in the audience, listening to our Forest Ave readers, and we’re excited to feature his thoughts on Kate’s novel.

“The people in Kate Gray’s intricate, visceral, and heartbreaking novel Carry the Sky armor themselves. Cocooned in sport, science, sex, power, privilege, or eccentricity, they face the fragility of their invented safe spaces when love, sex, violation, and obsession strip them to their most intimate selves. I can’t say enough good things about this sizzling, deeply profound, poetic work.”

– Davis Slater, author of Selling Sin at the Hoot-Possum Auction


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