Announcing the Contributors to the 2023 SFF Anthology

Editor Annie Carl has chosen the stories for our forthcoming science fiction/fantasy anthology featuring stories by disabled authors from across the US. In the next few months, we’ll reveal the title and the cover and then the book will be available for pre-order at your local independent bookstore. 

The project will feature a foreword by Nicola Griffith, author of Hild and Spear. 

Here is the list of stories and contributors: 

“Send Not to Know” by Cormack Baldwin of Oregon

“Survivors’ Club” by Meghan Beaudry of Texas

“Suffer the Silence” by Ellis Bray of Washington

“Witchdoctor” by Lane Chasek of Nebraska

“Strawberry Fields for Hours” by Lyss Copeland of Rhode Island

“The Sorrow Stealer” by AJ Cunder of New Jersey

“A Broke Young Martian Atop His Busted Scooter” by K.G. Delmare of New York

“The Memory of Pain” by Kyelar Engen of Georgia

“Everyone’s a Critic” by Andrew Giffin of Virginia

“The Song of the Forest” by Mika Grimmer of Washington

“Part of a Balanced Breakfast” by Eirik Gumeny of New Mexico

“Cranberry Nightmare” by Kit Harding of Massachusetts 

“Brainstorm” by Travis Flatt of Tennessee

“It Is a Ripping” by Adam Fout of Texas

“The Other Side” by Christy George of Oregon

“Song of Bull Frogs, Cry of Geese” by Nicola Griffith of Washington

“The Last Dryad” by Paul Jessup of Pennsylvania

“Ziabetes” by Lily-Marie Jurich of Washington

“The Definitions of Professional Attire” by Evergreen Lee of Florida

“Lucy” by Judy Lunsford of Arizona

“Holding Back” by Danielle Mullen of New Mexico

“Weightless” by Raven Oak of Washington

“How to Make a Norse Villainess” by El Park of Maine

“The Weight of Grief” by Simon Quinn of Arizona

“A Guardsman Remembers” by Danielle Ranucci of New York

“A Peril of Being Human” by Julie Reeser of Montana

“Wardrobe of the Worlds” by Jennifer Lee Rossman of New York

“Bramblewood” by Holly Saiki of Hawaii

“There Are No Hearing Aid Batteries After the Apocalypse” by Carol Schena of Virginia

“The Things I Miss the Most” by Nisi Shawl of Washington

“Spore, Bud, Bloody Orchid” by Jaye Viner of Nebraska

“The Arroyo Fiasco” by Dawn Vogel of Washington

“Whispers of the Sea” by Bethy Wernert of Arizona

Editor Annie Carl was born with a rare spinal birth-defect (lipomeningomyelocele) and is a Stage IV Non-Hodgkins survivor. She owns and runs The Neverending Bookshop in Edmonds, WA. She is the author of My Tropey Life: How Pop Culture Stereotypes Make Disabled Lives Harder and the forthcoming novella Nebula Vibrations. When not running an award-winning bookstore, Annie reads massive quantities of science fiction, fantasy, and romance; pole dances; knits; and hangs out with her goofy family and friends.

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