Announcing Our Holiday Bookstore!

Forest Avenue Press has created a popup online bookstore as a way to actively promote selected titles by authors and small presses we adore. Our staff was trained on this program, Aerio, last week at sales conference in Berkeley. If this first bookstore is a success, we’ll continue it after the holidays, rotating our selection of books we love to spotlight many more authors and presses.

Here’s how it works:

Aerio is an Ingram product. All the titles we sell are being pulled from the Ingram warehouse and database. Which means if a book is available through Ingram, we can sell it in our bookstore and actively support that author and publisher.

Orders are all processed and shipped through Ingram, using their shopping cart function and the titles they have in their warehouse. Which means we don’t need staff to pack up books, or carry the cost of housing other presses’ inventory. It’s free to use at this level, so we are only investing time–reading the books, recommending the books, setting up the bookstore, managing the inventory, and sharing the news.

Any orders that come through our bookstore will earn Forest Avenue an affiliate cut. So we get to support other presses and authors, and write about why we love those books. Then the presses we feature get their usual wholesale cuts and their authors get their usual royalties, just like any other online book transaction, But we also pocket some dollars as the retailer. Any money that comes through Forest Ave for sales of books in our bookstore will be invested back into Forest Avenue titles.

So, in other words, you can support Rare Bird or Tin House or Ooligan while also supporting Forest Ave. A Forest Ave book earns us a retailer cut and also the wholesale price on the back end. As book-recommendation fiends and community builders, this is an exciting way to support other small presses and put our Main Street Writers Movement into action in a new way. And to keep doing what we do, at the level we do it, we could use that support.

One of the benefits of buying from Forest Avenue is that we can share our thoughts about each title and why we picked it. Those shelf talker notes will appear alongside the book’s metadata from the publisher. So go ahead, click on a title, and see why we love it.

We still have to work out a few things–namely how to get more than 36 titles to appear in our bookshop–because we have way more favorites than that. In 2018, assuming this initial bookstore performs well, we hope to help our authors create their own bookstores, featuring direct ordering of their titles, and also add links to a rotating group of favorite brick-and-mortar bookstores that ship. So stay posted, and please share the bookstore on social media and consider doing some shopping with us!

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