Acquisition: Dispatches from Anarres

Forest Avenue Press has acquired the short story anthology Dispatches from Anarres: Tales from Portland Authors in Tribute to Ursula K. Le Guin, edited by Susan DeFreitas, for publication in October 2021.

Named for the anarchist utopia in Ursula K. Le Guin’s classic The DispossessedDispatches from Anarres embodies the anarchic spirit of Portland, Oregon, Le Guin’s hometown, while paying tribute to her enduring vision.

Rachel K. Jones’s “The Night Bazaar for Women Turning into Reptiles” touches on gender and oppression and a woman’s right to choose; Molly Gloss’s “Wenonah’s Gift” imagines coming-of-age in a post-collapse culture dedicated to avoiding past wrongs; Lidia Yuknavitch’s “Neuron” reveals that fairy tales may, in fact, be the best way to understand the paradoxes of science; and Stevan Allred’s tales of Ib and Nib speak to Le Guin’s penchant for the stories and songs and myths that make an imagined world feel real. Other contributors include Tina Connolly, David D. Levine, Leni Zumas, Rene Denfeld, and Michelle Ruiz Keil, with a foreword by David Naimon, co-author (with Le Guin) of Ursula K. Le Guin: Conversations on Writing.

In stories that range from fantasy to sci fi to realism, some of Portland’s most vital voices have come together to celebrate Ursula K. Le Guin’s lasting legacy and influence on that most subversive of human faculties: the imagination.

“As a longtime fan of Le Guin,” DeFreitas said, “I was reminded, at the news of her death, of her own words in A Wave in the Mind, that the ‘denigration, omission, and exception’ the female writer faces during her lifetime ‘are preparations for her disappearance after her death.’ Le Guin was a giant of American letters, but her place in the canon will only be assured if we insist upon it. Dispatches from Anarres is one way of insisting upon it—one way of revealing just how deep her influence runs, especially on those writers from her hometown.”

Full list of contributors:

TJ Acena
Kesha Ajọsẹ-Fisher
Stevan Allred
Jason Arias
Stewart C. Baker
Jonah Barrett
Curtis Chen
Tina Connolly
Mo Daviau
Rene Denfeld
Molly Gloss
Rachael K. Jones
Michelle Ruiz Keil
Juhea Kim
Jessie Kwak
Jason LaPier
Fonda Lee
David D. Levine
Gigi Little
Sonia Orin Lyris
Tracy Manaster
James Mapes
C.A. McDonald
David Naimon (foreword)
Tim O’Leary
Ben Parzybok
Nicole Rosevear
Arwen Spicer
Lidia Yuknavitch
Leni Zumas

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