Brave on the Page

A Powell’s Small Press Bestseller for four months, the Powell’s On Oregon Blog’s #1 Book of 2012, and selected by Powell’s staff in the annual Top 5s lists

Brave on the Page

“If one was not aware of the vibrant literary community that exists within the state of Oregon, then Brave on the Page would be the perfect introduction to the varied literary voices from the state’s working writers. Separated into three sections, the first and third consisting of interviews and the second made up of flash essays, this book offers interesting advice and inspiration from journalists, novelists, middle-grade authors, poets, nonfiction writers, writer-activists, short story writers, and all kind of writers in-between. What emerges is a tapestry of writers who happen to hail from the same geographic region, sharing wisdom, encouragement, and counsel beyond the boundaries of regional writing.” – The Los Angeles Review

Brave on the Page: Oregon Writers on Craft and the Creative Life launched Forest Avenue Press’ catalog in October 2012. This homegrown anthology, featuring interviews and essays by forty-two contributors, spent four straight months on the Powell’s Books Small Press Bestseller List. Accolades include being chosen as one of the Powell’s Top 5s, being named the Powell’s On Oregon Blog’s Book of the Year for 2012, a 4-star review from Portland Book Review, and extensive coverage from Oregon newspapers. It is currently out of print, but a few copies are still available at certain bookstores in Oregon, including Another Read Through and Powell’s.

Brave on the Page includes author interviews with Kristy Athens, Jon Bell, Kim Cooper Findling, Sarah Cypher, Duncan Ellis, Michael Gettel-Gilmartin, Shasta Kearns Moore, Lauren Kessler, Matt Love, Stephen O’Donnell, Liz Prato, Scott Sparling, Julia Stoops, Crystal Wood and Yuvi Zalkow. Flash essays on who, what, when, where, why or how we write were contributed by Stevan Allred, Brian M. Biggs, Emma Burcart, Steve Denniston, S.B. Elliott, Kristen Forbes, Kate Gray, Dian Greenwood, Robert Hill, Sherri H. Hoffman, Harold L. Johnson, Bart King, Amber Krieger, Christi Krug, Gigi Little, Mary Milstead, Gina Ochsner, Martha Ragland, Joanna Rose, Nicole Marie Schreiber, Liz Scott, Jackie Shannon Hollis, Laura Stanfill, Tammy Lynne Stoner, Nancy Townsley, Gregg Townsley, and Kristi Wallace Knight.

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