Our 2020 submission period begins on Thursday, Jan. 2, and will run through Tuesday, Feb. 4.


Our committee of women and nonbinary readers will be looking for two novels to publish in 2022. No short story collections, novellas, poetry, or nonfiction.

Forest Avenue keeps its catalog small because we believe in building strong author-publisher relationships and maximizing the dollars and hours we put into each release. Our titles are distributed nationally and internationally by Publishers Group West.

We only accept submissions through Submittable. Any queries or manuscripts sent by email, physical mail, text message, or social media will be ignored. Please include a description of your novel in your query letter as well as information about why it’s your story to tell.

Adult literary fiction only, preferably in the 60,000-to-80,000-word range.

We are always seeking to add authors of color to our catalog. We’d also love to see submissions from disabled authors, LGBTQ authors, and others who have stories to tell that subvert the dominant paradigm. Feel free to let us know how you identify yourself and if you have written an #ownvoices novel, please mention that phrase in your cover letter.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome. Just let us know if you get an offer while we are actively considering your project.

Agented submissions are fine; if the author submits through his/her Submittable ID, the cover letter should reflect the fact that the submission is agented and include contact information for the agent.

We are only able to work with authors who currently reside in the U.S. due to our locally focused publicity and marketing strategies.

We will not consider previously published manuscripts.

We do not work with authors who feature Amazon links heavily on social media. Our authors are expected to support other authors and their local independent bookstores. (Learn more about our Main Street Writers Movement and take the pledge here.) Please do share information about how you’re active in the writing community, because we most want to amplify those who are actively engaged in supporting other writers and artists.

We are intrigued by genre mashups, especially those with magical elements. But we also love contemporary fiction and the occasional historical novel.

We love novels by poets.

Our committee usually seeks some sort of joyous quality in fiction, whether that’s humor, whimsy, or interesting language. That’s not to say we want happy stories, but we like it when we can tell the author is deeply engaged in the process of writing and not holding back.

Bodily function scenes aren’t our thing. Same with gratuitous sex or violence.

When we’re evaluating many manuscripts at once, we’re much more likely to offer a personal response to authors who are familiar with our press, especially if they have read one of our existing titles. Our books are available at your local bookstore, online in our Forest Avenue bookstore (operating through our friends at Ingram), your local library, or wherever books are sold. We publish in paperback and ebook; some of our titles are also available as Blackstone audiobooks. If you’ve read any of our books, let us know in your query letter.

These things must happen for Forest Avenue to make an offer on a manuscript:

  • We have to fall in love with the material.
  • We have to have a clear sense of its potential and how to work with the author to make it even stronger.
  • The target market must be an audience that Forest Ave can reach.
  • The author has to be willing to address any editorial concerns and be an active and engaged participant in every step of the publishing process.

Best of luck! Questions? Contact us here.

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