Forest Avenue keeps its catalog small because we believe in building strong author-publisher relationships and maximizing the dollars and hours we put into each release. We plan to open next in January 2020.

When we are open, submissions are accepted through our Submittable profile.

Adult literary fiction only, preferably in the 60,000- to 80,000-word range. No short story collections, novellas, poetry, or nonfiction. We are only able to work with those who currently reside in the U.S. due to our locally focused publicity and marketing strategies. These things must happen for Forest Avenue to take a manuscript:

  • We have to fall in love with the material.
  • We have to have a strong sense of how to edit it.
  • The target market for the book must be an audience that Forest Ave can reach.
  • The author has to be willing to address any editorial concerns before we sign and to be an active participant in promoting the title through indie bookstores.

An additional note: While we have two memoirs forthcoming in our catalog, we do not plan to open for memoir submissions, as we will acquire those very occasionally, by invitation only.

Questions? Contact us here.

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