A Great Review in the Los Angeles Review

Brave on the Page received an incredible review in the Los Angeles Review this morning.

We especially love this: “Separated into three sections, the first and third consisting of interviews and the second made up of flash essays, this book offers interesting advice and inspiration from journalists, novelists, middle-grade authors, poets, nonfiction writers, writer-activists, short story writers, and all kind of writers in-between. What emerges is a tapestry of writers who happen to hail from the same geographic region, sharing wisdom, encouragement, and counsel beyond the boundaries of regional writing.”

And this: “The interviews and essays are sometimes sad, other times funny, often wise, and present the brave act of committing words to the page in a way that celebrates the process of writing.”

The reviewer quoted two well-known writers, Lauren Kessler (bestselling narrative nonfiction author) and Gina Ochsner (literary fiction), as well as two lesser-known but equally wonderful contributors, Julia Stoops and Sherri H. Hoffman.

Check out the Los Angeles Review here.

Brave on the Page went through a several-tiered selection process before it was chosen for a review. It’s quite an honor to be one of five books featured in the February review section. You can find Brave on the Page online at several independent bookstores–including the Harvard Book Store, the Tattered Cover and Powell’s Books–and around the world at 80 Espresso Book Machines. It’s $14 for wisdom by forty-two Oregon writers–a good deal, yes?


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  2. Yay! Great review. BRAVE ON THE PAGE is taking the country by storm!

  3. Fantastic! I just love it when Californian acknowledges something wonderful in the Northwest!!

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